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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Looking for Ideas

OK, so I am a mother of two, a two year old and a 3month old. Ever since my youngest was born I am having a hard time keeping up with my cleaning. I have three dogs and keeping up with the hair is crazy.

I am looking for ideas on how you get your house clean. Do you have one big cleaning day and pick up everyday?Do you clean a certain room at day? Etc. I know that what works for you may not work for me but I am looking to input on how your daily life runs.

Let me know what you have tried or what is working for you now and I will try it. After I find a routine I will be posting on what has worked for me and will try to help someone else out with the same problem.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Huggies Diapers

Starting 10/11 at Walgreens they will have Huggies Diapers 2/$18 with $4 RR when you buy 2.

Coupons: 1.50 or 3.00 from home mailer.

Making them 2/$11 or 2/$8 with RR.

*Reminder this does not start till 10/11!!!!

Kroger Deals Starting 10-1-09

*Reminder this ad prices do not start till Oct. 1, 2009.

Tyson Boneless Chicken Breasts 1.87lb

Half Gallon Kroger Milk 4/$5

Huggies Diapers 8.99 (Home mailer coupons 3.00 or 1.50)

Betty Crocker cake mix 10/$10

Kotex Pads and Liners 2.50 (coupons from sample packs for 1.50 or 1.00 off)

Whole Wheat Kroger Bread 1.00

Kroger Frozen Veggies 1.00

Kroger Eggs (Dozen) 1.00

Kroger Sour Cream 1.00

Barilla Pasta 1.00

Keep in mind these are not all the deals, this is what will mostly be on my shopping list. I usually do my shopping on Sunday or Mondays so if anything new pops up I will let you know.

Change in plans

OK, so as you can see I haven't posted any deals. I am changing this around to posting them before they are available. Due to my Hubby's work schedule he is off on Sunday and Mondays, it's alittle hard to get around to that. I will be posting Kroger deals for this Thursday later this afternoon or tomorrow depending on how my little one is doing, she doesn't believe in sleep right now!

On to other news and changes... I will be keeping my grocery budget at 100.00 a week till the end of the year. I want a really good stockpile just in case something were to go wrong. I'm a worry wart.

I did go over budget this week spending 57.69 at Kroger, not bad for me. So I am not really that worried about it. Keep checking back to see how I do with my stockpiling.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Baby Einstein DVDs at Babies R Us


It is reported that if you buy 2 Baby Einstein DVDs in the same transaction you can get them both for $4.99.

Must purchase 2 in same tranaction to get the deal.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Grocery Budget

We are a family of four looking to lower our grocery budget. We spend about 100.00 a week now. This includes food, hba, diapers. Soon I will be adding baby food also. I am looking to spend 50.00 this weekend for the week, we are pretty stocked up on things.

October will be a new start and I am looking to budget 75.00 a week. Follow me on my progress and see if I can do it. I will be posting deals on Sunday and what I have bought at the begining of the week.

Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chicken, Broccoli, Cheese and Rice

I got this out of the Kraft Foods Magazine. We had it for dinner lastnight, it was a hit!

What you need

1lb boneless skinless chicken breast, cut into bite sze pieces
1 can chicken broth
2 cups instant white rice, uncooked
1/2lb Velveeta cheese, cut into chunks
1pkg frozen broccoli

Cook and stir chicken in large nonstick skillet on medium-high heat 5 min. or until done.

Stir in broth. Bring to boil.

Add rice, Veleevta and broccoli; cover. Remove from heat. Let stand 10 min. Stir mixture until well blended.

I used fresh broccoli and it turned out fine.




This will be a place for everyone to come to look up deals, steals (all legal) and money saving ideas. I look forward to posting all sorts of fun things. Please stay tuned!!!

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