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Thursday, October 8, 2009

An Answer to Prayer!!!

Yesterday we received news on something we have been waiting for, for some time. We have and adjustable rate mortgage, yeah I know don't ask. When we found out that we could apply for a loan modification we thought we would give it a try. So we got all the paperwork together and sent it off hoping for the best.

Yesterday we got a call and the lady said that we were not approved but wanted to go over what we had sent in. My heart dropped, I thought it was gonna be a lost cause. So we went over everything and since we paid off our car loan after the paperwork was sent in that is how we got approved. Thank you Lord!!!!

We are now going to be saving $820.00 dollars a month. Plus I am going to switch our auto insurance to get another savings of $36.00 dollars a month. What a blessing!!!!!

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