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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Crazy Day!!

So, I didn't get everything posted that I would have like to yesterday. Yesterday morning my husband went to let out one of our Great Danes and when he got to her crate it looked as if a murder had happened. Blood was everywhere! Her nose was bleeding and we didn't know how to stop it. She has a pretty bad cut on the tip of her nose.

After waiting it out thinking we could help her here at home, late afternoon I rushed her to the vet. Luckily by the time we got there she wasn't bleeding but a few drops here and there. After spending $107.00 she now is on an antibiotic for a fever that she is running and blood pressure medicine to help control the bleeding. She took me for a ride as we were leaving, I lost my footing trying to make her stop so we could pay, when the next thing I knew I was on the floor. Luckily she only bruised my ego. Ha Ha. As of this morning she hasn't bled anymore.

Hoping and Praying that she is on the mend!!!!

So if everything is still going I will be posting regularly again

Thank you for your patience.

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