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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Kroger 10.15.09

Here are some deals going on at Kroger starting tomorrow. I didn't hit Kroger last week but am hopeful that I will get there this week.

Ground Chuck 1.67lb

Half Gallon Kroger Milk 4/$5

Campbells Chunky Soup .99

Strawberries 1.77lb

Pepsi 12 pks 3/$9

Kroger Salsa 1.00

Charmin 12Big Rolls 4.49-1.00 Q

General Mills Cereal 2.49-1.50 Q when you buy 3

As you may remember reading last week I said that I would not be buying anything from the buy 10 items get $5 off. We have cut out a lot of convience foods. But however we still get some when they are on sale to have just in case the day does get away from us and we need something to fall back on, verses going out to eat. Like yesterday! But I did it because my sister had to come to my house since she has a truck to help me get the dog in the back. So to thank her I bought her supper.

Anyway back to the Kroger post.

Buy 10 Get $5 off

El Monterey Burittos 2.49 (My Husband eats these for breakfast, soon I will be trying to make them myslf to freeze. They are usually 2.98 at Walmart)

Tyson Chicken 4.49-1.00 Q

Breyers Ice Cream 1.99

Pepperidge Farms Toast 1.49

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