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Friday, November 6, 2009

Another Blessing

Earlier this week I posted here about Sears Black Friday Ad. Well I just want you to know I had chills when I was opening my mail this morning. I recieved 2 checks from the hospital here for refunds. Now these refunds date back to 2006, I was in a bad car accident and spent a lot of time in and out of the hospital.

Anyway, I they total over $1600.00. I am depositing the $1000.00 into our MISC savings account and will hope that I am able to get the Washer and Dryer on Black Friday. If something comes up before then it's not ment to be.

The $600.00 dollars will be deposited in the other savings accounts that I have set up. More on that in this post. I am still waiting to talk to Hubby about how much will go into what account. I will be posting the percentages in a couple days.



  1. wow! that is great, and your right He is good:)

  2. Surprise money is always a Finer Thing, but that's an incredible amount. Yay!


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