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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Grocery Round Up

We only went to Walmart this week. Hubby was the one to go in and it was pretty much winged. Since the whole scare of the swine flu on Saturday we are just trying to keep our immune systems up.

2-Cottage Cheese 2.57 each
Tomatoes 1.09lb 1.68
Cauliflower 2.78
Apples .92lb 1.17
Oranges 2.00
Broccoli 1.13
2-1lb strawberries 3.48 each
Burritos 2.98
Cream cheese 1.25
vitamins 7.83
2-6pk yogurts 1.86 each
2-OJ 2.42 each

Total: 44.38

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