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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Grocery Round Up

I totally didn't post my grocery shopping at the begining of the week! I am so behind, I guess that's what the Holidays do to ya. I only got a few things:

Protein bars
cottage cheese

Total: 21.74

Total for November: 304.56 I wanted to stay under 360.00 and I did!!!

For December I will say I want to stay under 350.00, I have Christmas Eve at my house so I need to buy quite a few things for that. I hope I can do it!


  1. That's my New Year's Resolution. Right now I am trying to pick that magic number to stay under. What does your $350 number include? Is that just groceries or do include other items in there as well?

  2. My monthly budget includes food, household items and baby (diapers and baby food). Dog food comes out of it's own budget. I am nervous about December though because I am low on a lot of items.

  3. That's fantastic!

    Potatoes should continue to be a great buy at .10-.20 a pound. Have baked potatoes (potato bar) for dinner a few times in December. I just bought 360 pounds of potatoes this month which we will be eating in December and January.

    This morning for breakfast we had homemade hash browns, scrambled eggs and ham (ham from Thanksgiving). It cost less than $3 for all 7 of us, including ketchup and oil for the potatoes. We had water to drink, as we do at most meals. Once in a while we will have milk or juice, but those are more rare.

    I have already bought my Christmas pork roast ($1.29/lb) and a special treat of juice for breakfast. I haven't planned past that (other than knowing that we'll have mashed potatoes with dinner as well).

    Hams should go on sale again if you like ham; we made honeybaked ham on Thanksgiving with a ham that we sliced ourselves (.77 a pound). Ham sales are usually better around Christmas.


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