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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Savings for Our Future

Last week I posted here about wanting to save for a possible trip to Disney after the first of the year. I mentioned that I would be opening new savings account for Vacations and a down payment for a bigger house. So I went on over to Ingdirect where our other savings accounts are and opened those two accounts and two more. One for Christmas next year and Misc. Hubby got paid on Friday so I made my transfers and calculated the percentages.

Here they are listed with the percentage till we meet our goal.

Vacation: 4%
House: 3.75%
Christmas: 8.9%
Misc: 3%

I will be posting every time I make a deposit to be accountable. What ever we have left over will go straight to savings.

If you haven't checked out Money Saving Mom and her quest to pay for their first home in full, head on over here to check out her progress. She does a post every month to show how close is is to their goal.

It never to late to start saving, no matter how much you can afford to put back helps. I mean look at mine, it's a start. Please comment and let me know what you are saving for, I would love to hear your stories.

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  1. Good Luck Saving! It's hard work! But it's always the hardest to start! So you are over that hump!


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