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Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Finally I got my act together to get a picture of our trip. In October we spent about $360.00 which is pretty good for us. My goal for November is to keep it a $360.00 or lower. Baby Steps!!!

3-1lb Strawberries 2.78each
Snuggle dryer sheets 5.79-3.00Q
Orange Juice 2.42
Dawn Foam 2.67-1.50Q
Diapers 6.97-1.00Q
Cookies 2.88
Crackers 2.98
Skim milk 1.68
2% milk 1.99
Bread 1.34
Cereal 2.50
Baby wash 3.00
2-Met-Rx Protein Bars 6.97 each
Protein Bars 6.98
2 pkg. Burrittos 2.98
2-Taco seasonings .50 each
Cottage cheese 2.50
Bananas .61
Flour 1.58
2-Mr. Clean Magic erasers 2.72each-BOGO Q


I also have to go to Sams to get dog food and CVS. This will be a big week but we are going to try to adjust the rest of the month. Not going by a weekly but a monthly budget. We'll see how it goes.

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  1. Baby Steps wonder where I heard those words. Oh David Ramsey we are listening. Good shopping trip, just found you and will add you to my watch list. My shopping trips vary week to week . End of the month total is the counts. Come over and vist some time and watch our baby steps. We are on baby step one and need to speed that one up. grace


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