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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Your Input Needed

OK so for this year on my Hubby's side of the family we are trying to cut cost with gift giving. There are 8 grandchildren this year. We came up with the idea that if each couple put in $10 per child totaling $80. So $80 times six couples is $480.00.

After totaling the amount we would divide the $480.00 buy the eights kids. Each kid would get $60.00. Then we could go out and get the kids a nice gift instead of a lot of little ones. Well, as most of you know there is always so sort of drama. We actually drew names so that everyone would be responsible for getting a gift instead of having one person go out and get all the gifts.

This is where we are stumping the Scrooge's. They are throwing fits about why they have to buy two gifts and only get one in return. Number one, it's not about ourselves, it's about the kids. If we all did what we have been doing the past couple of years, spending $20-$25 on each child that would add up to $160-$200. The two couples with one child would have to buy gifts for 7 kids and the couples with two kids would have to buy for 6 kids.

So, this would save the couples that are complaining(they only have one child each) $20-$25. But they aren't seeing it this way. They are seeing it as we have to spend $80.00 and we only get one gift and you guys get two gifts because we have 2 kids. We thought about just making a set limit to buy for the child that you drew for. Meaning if the limit was $50.00 we would be spending $100.00 on two gifts and then the one child couples would be spending $50.00.

This is why we came up with the idea in the first place to make a pool of money and divide it up between all the kids. It benefits both couples, if you have one or two children.

I have no idea how to explain it anymore. We are meeting tonight to try and explain it one more time and hopefully get this through their heads that they are saving money by doing it this way.

I need your input. Does it seem like we are not making it fair? Is there are different way you would do this?

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