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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

65 Degrees and Dropping

To some of you frugal people 65 might be what your thermostat is set on, but not me! I think 69 is the lowest I can go, especially with a baby in the house. Yesterday I noticed the furnace running a long time so I went to look at the thermostat to see it reading 65 degrees. I pushed the see what I had it set on and it was on 71! So, needless to say I had to call someone to look at it.

Well the verdict is.... we will have no furnace until at least friday! A circuit board went out on the ourdoor unit and no one keeps them in stock. Go figure! We survived our first night lastnight, now only 2 more to go! Last night it got down to 12 degrees and tonight it's supose to be 17. I am thankful that we have to money to get it fixed all because of an Emergency Fund. Thank you Lord! If this would have happened a couple years ago we would be sunk.

Please pray the part will be here in time to get it fixed friday. We are expecting snow Friday and Saturday.

Happy Holidays!

1 comment:

  1. I keep the heat set at 56 degrees :) Hope your furnace gets fixed soon!


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