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Friday, December 4, 2009

Being a Stay at Home Mom

I wanted to start posting a little bit more about my life so everyone can get to know myself a little better. So I am will start off with some installments about how I left my job to stay home.

This July marked my 3 year anniversary for not working. Can I just say, I don't miss the work life drama. AT ALL! I was in a serious car accident back in 2002 and shattered the left side of my pelvis. After about 4 years of surgeries my work place decided that I had missed to much work and behind my back were trying to get rid of me. When I found out I was upset, I couldn't help that I needed to surgeries. So I decided to just let it be and I quite.

My hubby and I were in no shape for me to be without a job. He was working construction at the time and would going days to weeks without work. Meaning no money. We I quite we had no saving, no stockpile, and worst of all no plan. I tried my hardest to get a job, I applied everywhere. Nothing.

We had no money to pay our house payments, regular bills, food, etc. Our mortgage was an adjustable rate and was really high, it was hard to keep up with when I was working. If I had known all that I know today we could of had a really good savings account and being living really well. But that was then and we all learn from our mistakes. Right?

It finally got to the post that our house was going to go into foreclosure. At that point I reached out to my Mother in-law. We should have reached out sooner for help but we were scared. She agreed to loan us the money to stop our house from going into the foreclosure process. What a relief.


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