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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Challenge Update

Yesterday was the first day of our No Spend/Eat from our Pantry Challenge. No money was spent and we ate from out pantry. Day 1 down, only 32 left.

Breakfast~ Bagels with butter
Snacks~ Puffin Muffins
Lunch~Leftover Pizza
Dinner~ Taco Soup

I posted here that I will be reducing my grocery budget for the month. There is no way I can stay out of the store for the whole month. We have been eating from out pantry for almost two weeks now.

For my No Spend Challenge update there was NO money spent yesterday. We are having a no spend month to help put some of the money we have to take out from our savings for the furnace replacement back in. The way Hubby talked acouple days ago we might be having a few no spend months back to back. It will be really tough but I know right now we are only in for January right now.

Check back tomorrow to see what we ate today and for another No Spend Update.

How are you doing with your Challenges?

1 comment:

  1. we are starting our challenge on the first. The 7th and 8th might be rough as I am out of town all day( hope to mooch lunch off son LOL)on the 7th and all day at surgery with my youngest daughter( she is an adult)that doesn't have a car so her hubby can't take her so asked me to take her instead of a friend. Wisdom teeth in her sinus cavities...OUCH.


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