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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Eat From the Pantry Challenge

I am sure you have heard all the buzz about MoneySavingMom and LifeasMom using January to eat from their pantry. This challenge couldn't come at a better time for our family. As some of you may know we have been without a working furnace for 2 weeks now. Nothing is fixing it so yesterday we got some estimates to replace it. The damage $5800.00. YUCK!!
While we will not be able to go without spending any money I will try to reduce my weekly budget. My original plan was to keep my budget at $400 for the month and lower it $25 in February and so on. But then the furnace had a mind of it's own. Here are my goals for the month:
1. Spend the first part of the month eating up the pantry
2. Spend as little as possible. ( I don't have a set amount because I haven't went shopping for the past two weeks and I know I can't make it through the whole month).
3. No eating out.
4.Search the internet for recipes.
I am also doing a no spend month for January. Check back for my goals for that challenge.

1 comment:

  1. We just had somene out to fix ours yesterday. Thankfully, we only had to replace the two ignitors (our house has two systems). Total cost: $250.

    I know it coul have been much worse--and now I see how much! WOW! That is a huge bill!

    Food isn't really in our budget for the month of January (and though our bill was smaller, it still makes it tht much harder). Our income varies, and it is going to be less for January, so we haven't been to the store for a few weeks, and we won't be going for a long time, either (I don't know if we will be able to go in February yet or not).

    We've had to go a year without shopping at all, and the next year after that doing vry little shopping. This year is the third year, and we were able to restock most things for less. Our garden is also doing much better now, and our fruit trees have started to bear, which is a help (and should be even more so is year).

    My website has 4 months of pantry/seasonal meanus, plus 2 weeks of meals from only shelf-stable items--and lots of recipes. Hopefully those can give you some ideas so that you don't have to buy much.

    If you only have a little bit to spend, buy potatoes on sale; you'll get a lot a food for a small amount of money.

    I would also suggest drinking water at all meals, if you don't already. That can also help your budget.

    Good luck! I know how hard it can be. It's become a normal thing for us to eat from the pantry for long periods of time.


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