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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I won the Worst Mom of the Year Award

Sometimes I wonder about myself. I just feel terrible, my 6 month old Tinleigh has had a rash around her mouth. I kept saying it's from the dry air and all the drooling that she is doing. So I try to keep up with all her drool and keep it as dry as possible. With is nearly impossible. Her being fussy I just wrote that off as teething.

Oh but it gets better. She has been acting like she hasn't been getting enough to eat so I tried supplementing formula and low and behold she has an allergic reaction to the formula. I try Enfamil and Similac. I call the Dr, she says try a Soy based formula. So I do, she loves it. After she drinks it, it appears like she isn't going to have a reaction. But the next morning I go in her room and her face is as red as a strawberry. Call the Dr back, she says she has a milk allergy give her a hypoallergenic formula and that should take care of it.

So after a week she isn't really improving and eczema is getting worse. So yesterday I am researching on the internet and what slaps me in the face. THE PROBLEM!!! I have been eating Strawberry Peanut Butter M&Ms. Oh they are a little piece of heaven, they make my mouth water.

As of this morning I have been giving her formula and her face is improving already. So come to find out she most likely has a peanut allergy and a milk allergy. I don't drink milk myself but I do eat things with milk product in them. I might just make the switch to formula and then I know for now that she isn't going to come into contact with any allergens until she is old enough to eat table food.

So needless to say I have been hurting her for the past two weeks while I have been enjoying my M&Ms. I sure hope she will outgrow her milk allergy, there are so many foods with milk in them. Who knew Spaghetti sauce had milk in it? Looks like I will be making most everything from scratch if she can't tolerate it.


  1. You're not the worst mom! :) It takes a long time to figure out allergies. And you took the time to figure it out and care enough about your child to alter what you're eating to help her. I didn't know spag sce had milk! My 2nd daughter had to avoid strawberries (and all artifical strwb flavoring like suckers) for two years. Yet she always seemed to have some, like at snack time when we were out somewhere it was strwb flavored juice. She survived! And she had outgrown her allergy and loves strawberries now. Our son has a peanut allergy (just seemed to be causing his eczema), but now we've moved and his eczema has cleared up so maybe he's outgrown his allergy too? I don't know, we're going to have him checked and our youngest girl b/c she hasn't tried peanuts at all yet. Allergies are so difficult!

    I really hope she outgrows both allergies. (Sorry my comment is so long.) Just wanted to let you know, you may feel like the worst mom but you're not. I have my own "worst mom" story when my son was 1 1/2 (he's 4 now). It's amazing how resiliant they are, God bless!

  2. sorry dear, award has been removed from you since you do NOT qualify.

    I ate kiwi when nursing the youngest.Knew she was allergic to strawberries..guess what, kiwi did the same.Milk allegeries all 3, oldest is tomatoes( fresh only now as an adult but any tom as a child) youngest is strawberries etc though now she can eat kiwi LOL

    I've been making most everything from scratch for 30 yrs now. Funny thing after kids left home, I started using box goods and found out the preservatives where hurting my health to the point doc thought I was going to die..back to scratch LOL

  3. Thank you both for your kind words!!


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