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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Struggling Before a Mom Part 2

If you haven't read my first installment please click here.

I left off last week that I reached out for help from my Mother in Law hoping that show could help us get our house payment current. Luckily she did. We were safe for now. My Husband's work was kinda steady at this point. I kept looking for another job and we were trying to look for a stable job for Hubby. Nothing happened, we applied for jobs but no one was calling.

Then in the beginning of August my Husband's Aunt called me to see if I was interested in babysitting her grandson. I agreed, it was money and money was what we needed. So I started watching him. Little did we know that we would get the shock of a lifetime with I found out I was PREGNANT! On Halloween I finally took the test after being sick for more than a week. Wow, what were we going to do?

When I told my Husband we didn't take it very well. "What are we going to do, we can't even take care of our selves right now?" I cried for a couple days because he put all the blame on me for getting pregnant. I was devastated! Finally he came around quicker than I did and was telling family everyone like he was never upset in the first place.

We scraped by for quite awhile until I got a settlement from my car accident in December. We payed off some bills and could finally pay our regular bills on time. But we weren't out of the clear yet. If you know anyone who works construction, you know most of the time your laid off in the winter. Here we were in December with me only bringing in my one hundred dollars week. We had to be as frugal as possible if we were going to save as much of the money that we got from the car accident.


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