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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Are you Kidding Me?

Yesterday I received a call from Tinleigh's doctor about her allergy test results. He was asking again which formula she was taking, how her symptoms were doing and how she was in general. I said that she was acting fantastic, she was happy besides a little gas, some loose stools (Sorry TMI) and that there were only a few traces of her rash left. He went on to say that her testing came back fine and that she wasn't allergic to anything. "Nothing, not even milk?" "Are you kidding me?"

That's right people, nothing! This little girls is causing me so much grief. She will go Monday for a follow up appointment to check her rash on her face and a diaper rash. They want her to go see a GI to be checked out. I just think she has a really bad case of reflux. The rash is probably a mixture between dry skin and a reaction to some soap. I was bathing both the girls last night and I used this lavender soap, you know the stuff that's suppose to calm them before bed? Well I haven't used it for about two weeks and have been using a hypoallergenic soap. Low and behold she gets out of the tub and has a red face.

Hopefully it's just the soap! If it is I will feel like a complete idiot!! IDIOT! Can you tell I am a blonde? I should probably have my Mother's License taken away. Anyway I will still take her to the GI Dr to have her reflux checked out and see if they can help me with a diet for her to she doesn't have to be on this Zantac for awhile.


  1. Our family uses weak mint tea for little ones.GI and Reflex run strong in the family.Milk based products sometimes flairs it up.Our 7 yr old granddaughter ended up in the ER with hives. Her dad used bounce dryer sheets.She has eczema all over her body which of course flaired up also.SHe's had this issue since she was born.

    when she gets older..Mento's (the mint one not the fruit flavor) work wonders.My GI doc told me to carry them for when I forgot my meds.

  2. No way! You are just full of information!!!! Thank you so much! I have given her two bottle of regular formula today and so far so good! I'm praying it works.


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