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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Update on the Happenings

Sorry it's been so long! It seems like when I have everything together something comes up and then I am completely behind again. First off, there is no way you can tell me that Tinleigh does not have a diary allergy. I gave a small bottle of regular formula and shortly after she had a face as red as a fire truck. I have red that the blood test she had done is only 50% accurate. (Really!) She had another appointment on Monday and she has lost a pound in one week. But other than that she is the most happiest I have ever seen her. Well that was until yesterday. Her Dr wanted me to try and give her organic cereal because it didn't have the soy ingredient that the regular cereal does. She was so excited to sit in her high chair, so excited to eat some food. Then after eating it she was a total bear the rest of the day! Didn't want to take a nap and when I finally got her to sleep she would only sleep for 20 minutes. Needless to say, I think she has an intolerance to rice.

Riley Children's Hospital finally called me back and she has an appointment for January 29. Until then she will be closely monitored by her Pediatrican to watch her weight and to see if we can get her to eat something she will not react to. After this rash clears up we will then try some bananas again, she never really liked them before but we will try again. We also have changed her formula again. She we be taking Neocate which if you get order it from a local pharmacy will set you back $50 for a 14oz can. :( I have searched the internet and you can get it from the manufacturer for about $35 a can. They are to send me a sample to see if she will take it. The only bad thing about this formula, well besides the price, is you have to buy it in bulk. That would be grand if I new she was going to be on it for a while, but we are still in the stages of finding what is going to work best. I did find a lot of people sell it on Ebay. So I ordered one can last night. After reviewing everyone's reviews and asking for lot numbers.

Tinleigh will have another follow up appointment on Friday. I am praying she has not lost anymore weight. Thank you all for the kind words and prayers!!

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  1. just note it takes 27 times for a child to try a new food before they really "know" wheither they like it or not and when they are younger than 5 their taste buds change constantly.I was 2nd chef for a day care.


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