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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day?

Brian and I have been together for 11 1/2 years. married for 6 years in June. I think we only celebrated the first Valentine's Day where we actually got each other something. I'm not a big mushy person. Honestly, I think it an over the top holiday. I mean really, does it take this one "SPECIAL" day for you to show someone how much you love them? I person don't have to receive a gift to feel loved. Gifts are nice and I like them, but I think to many people get carried away.

With the way the economy is why not make a card, have dinner in, or rent a movie Just doing these three things could save you at least $70. Something made from the heart is way better than something bought. If you make it then you have taken the time to really put some thing into it.

I guess it's my newly accustomed frugal ways coming out or the fact that we don't have money to just go blow. I would rather save money for a bigger house or to be able the take my kids to the zoo or aquarium. Do you celebrate Valentine's Day and if so what do you do?


  1. Wow, now I feel like such a dunce for going all out this Valentine's! Actually, we're not going "all out", not even close; no gifts, no cards, but we are treating ourselves to a dinner out and a sitter... so we can put ourselves first for a few hours! Last year, we were broke beyond belief, so I guess this is a little celebration of how far we've come :)

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