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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Do you ever get that feeling?

Earlier this morning I posted this. After getting the kids ready, I was going to get the dogs so I could crate them. Low and behold one of the Great Danes was having a major nose bleed. It took all I could to get her out to her crate, my kitchen floor looked like a murder scene. It was horrible. So after taking 20 minutes to get everything cleaned up we head out the door.

Once arriving at the store I think, "I'm gonna get this and this and oh yeah this." Not so much I couldn't get myself to buy anything! I am glad that I didn't spend any money but then again I have all these little things that I want to get. I want an adjustable blade Mandoline, a Magic Bullet and a bread machine.

I have been searching the internet and reading reviews. I have my eye on a mandoline that is on Amazon. If I can't find it any cheaper then I will buy it before the start of next week. I need it for this recipe that I am dying to try. Stay tuned, I am excited for myself and Ainsleigh. :)

Anyway back to the point of the post (sorry I am all over the place). But, do you ever say "I'm gonna take this amount of money and shop for this or that." But once you get to the store you can't part with your money. I'm here to say that, that's a good thing. I used to not feel that away. Back in the day I would just go to the store just to buy something, now a lot of the time I go to the store to window shop. At least it's better on my bank account. :)

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