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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Grocery Round Up

We are on a very tight budget this week and next. We had to purchase new tires for Brian's car and we didn't want to take anymore money out of savings. We only went to Walmart this week, probably a bad idea. I would have saved more if i took the time to go to Kroger also but we were rushed for time. Here is what we got:

Dried bananas and strawberries 2.18
Pistachios 2.99
Apple Juice 2.00
Strawberries 3.50
Bagels 1.88
Bananas 1.12
Burritos 2.98
Organic Cauliflower 3.57
Organic Broccoli 2.98
Baby food 3.50
vitamins 7.83
5 dozen eggs 7.92
Skim milk 1.83
2% milk 1.88
Cottage Cheese 2.98
Bread 1.88

Total: 51.57

Total for the month: 140.71

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