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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Grocery Round Up

This week we had a budget of $50 again. We went over but not by much plus we had an extra $5 if we needed it, which we did. Next week I think I can raise it to $60 but I will have to see what we have going out. So far budgeting our groceries on a weekly basis is working out. Here's what we got:


6lb bananas 2.91
Milk 1.83
Water 1.00
Cottage Cheese 2.98
Sour Cream .94
Bread 1.88
Bagels 1.88
Organic Salad 2.50
1lb Strawberries 2.50
Ice Cream 3.28
Protein Bars 16.38
Toothpaste 2.00
Turkey bacon 2.24
Burritos 2.98
Dog Bones 5.22
Baby food 2.50

Total: 53.02

Total for the month: 193.73


  1. $1.83 for milk?! That's an unheard of (cheap) price around here! Nice job sticking to your budget!!

    Stopping by from Money Saving Mom!

  2. i need to start keeping a log like this. thx fot he idea!


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