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Thursday, February 18, 2010

I need sleep!!!

Boy would I love to crawl back into bed and sleep the day away. But the reality is that I can't. Oh well. Tuesday was like any other Tuesday except that Brian went to an IU game after work and the girls and I spent the evening together playing. I put them to bed thought everything would be fine. Brian came home around 11 o'clock and shortly after we got ready for bed. Ahhh sleep....

Around midnight Tinleigh woke up. I went in her room to get her out of bed and she was on fire. So we came out to the kitchen, I turned the light on and noticed that she was twitching. Scared the heck out of me! I took her back to her to room to take her temperature and hoping that my sleepy eyes were just seeing things. I lay her on her changing table to take the temperature, it reads 103.2. While taking her temp I have my eyes glued to her to see if she is really twitching or not. She is!!

After taking her clothes off we go into my bedroom to wake up Brian. I told him to look at her she wasn't right. But of course she is so exciting to see him she acts fine. My mind is wondering everywhere, should I call the Dr, should I not. So we go out to the kitchen again to get her away from Brian and sure enough she calms down and is acting strange again.

I called the on-call Dr and went through her symptoms, she told me to go to the hospital. I knew is my heart that's what she would say before even dialing the number, but I guess I just need conformation. Rushing, I get everything together and head to the hospital.

When we got there is went straight to work on her, I felt so bad. "Are you sure she wasn't having a seizure?" "Your sure." I kept repeating "I'm sure, I'm sure" After doing a nasal swab, UA, blood work, chest X-ray and and numerous exams. Everything came back normal except a high white blood cell count and a spot on her lung. My first thought was "she has some sort of cancer!"

The Dr tells me that they are treating her for pneumonia and give me an antibiotic. Are you serious, she hasn't even been sick. Nothing, no running nose, no coughing, no nothing beside this fever that came on all the sudden. So we were told we need to follow up with her Dr in the morning. I call the office at 8 o'clock, why because that's when they are suppose to open. But, no they didn't transfer the phones until 8:20.

Here I am a nervous wreck worried sick about my little girl and they can't answer their phones when they are suppose to. So I make her an appointment for the 3:20 the earliest they have. Really! That's' the earliest? Whatever! I take her to her appointment and after all is said and done. We just have to watch her and see how she does. If she gets worse she will most likely be hospitalized. I'm praying she only gets better of course.

But there is a possibility that she has a urinary tract infection, her results came back with traces of bacteria. Now we have to wait for the cultures to come back, which take a couple days, to see for sure if there is an infection. Which would give reason for her high fever also. So these next days are a waiting game. Hoping she gets better soon, it's breaks my heart to just see her sick. I am enjoying all my time cuddling with her.

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