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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Losing Weight

Tuesday marked the day I started my so called diet. I don't like to call it a diet. I guess I am not really calling it a diet the more I think about it. I am doing a life style change. Healthy eating is what I am focusing on. I have always wanted my two year old to eat as healthy as possible but never put much thought into it for myself.

I am happy to say that this morning I weighed in and had already lost 2lbs!!!! I am so excited. I still am drinking about one coke a day and would like to work on every other day. I will continue to try and weed it out, it's just so hard.

We are eating simple meals with lots of fruits and veggies. Like for breakfast this morning I had water, yogurt, and a banana. Lunch Ainsleigh and I had grapes, broccoli and cauliflower and a grilled cheese. For dinner I am fixing a bacon, egg and cheese bagel. As long as I focus on simple meals I can get my grocery bill down.

I set my weight loss goal for 5lbs for this month. I would love if I could surpass this. :)

I would love to know what you are doing to try to shed some pounds. Have a great day!!


  1. great job already, I started curves middle of January and given up having diet coke at home. If I go out to eat sometimes I have diet coke and lots of time just water. I have only lost 3 1/2 pounds but 2 pounds of body fat so I will take that. I need to start doing areobics when not at curves but have been sick with a cold and no energy. keep going look forward to your updates

  2. Great Job!!! That's awesome. Keep up the good work. Hope you get better soon!!


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