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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tinleigh Update

We took Tinleigh to Riley Children's Hospital Friday and I left the office feeling very hopeful. The Doctor had lots of great advice and is concerned about her weight but we are working on that. She has gained a pound and a half since starting the Neocate formula about 4 weeks ago. Which is great. The Doctor is not really concerned with her eating lots of baby food just that we feed her some at least once or so every couple days so that she knows how to eat food.

As of right now I know for sure that she is allergic to milk and any milk product, rice, oatmeal, and apricots. We are trying new foods and the list just keeps getting longer. The plan for Tinleigh is to go back in March for a weight check and review then if all is going well then she will have to go back when she turns a year. At that time she will be reevaluated and if she is doing ok we will try to start her on whole milk and see what happens.

Other than that I have a HAPPY baby now. Well, most of the time, she is teething right now so that puts a little damper on things but we will work through it.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. I asked my elder daughter who dealt with this kind of thing..said to watch for margarines make sure the butter fat is really low or use olive oil only.Breads was also a no due to milk by products..just to keep a heads up on that.Her stepdaughter registered 4 out of 5 extreme allergies

  2. So glad you got some help and information! :)


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