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Saturday, February 20, 2010

What do ya do.........

I went grocery shopping last night because the weather said we suppose to have freezing rain, rain and snow until Tuesday. Last night we only got probably 1/4 if an inch and now it's not doing anything. Figures!

I will post my shopping trip on Tuesday like normal but I am realizing that I need to really get a grasp on this whole budget thing. I don't think we are going to be able to afford the diet that I want for my family. So we are going to have to improvise. I would love to be able to feed my family all organic and natural foods. It seems like since we have started this journey we have more energy and feel better. That's great in all but when I am paying about 250-300 a month for Tinleigh's formula something has to give.

I really got to thinking about this yesterday when Brian calls me yelling (not a me) because his work has pushed him to the brink once again. I finally told him that I would rather have a happy and healthy husband than one that is on the verge of having a heart attack. If that means he has to quite his job and get a lower paying one, I will stand by his decision. Whatever happens we will get through.

So back to groceries, we can get enough food to feed us for a week on a 50-55 budget. This includes regular fruits and veggies not organic. As long as we are eating a well balance diet this is gonna have to be good enough for now. Also I am going to try and make baby food for Tinleigh. Here she is starting 3rd foods and she can barley eat anything of them. So many of them have rice, rice or wheat flour, or oatmeal. I mean come on, really!!!!

So, as I sit here and wait for the storm we are suppose to get I will be researching how to make baby food and some new recipes for me family. If you make your own baby food and you have any tips or tricks I'm begging, please let me know. :)


  1. I never bought baby food neither did my sister in law because of our kids allergies. Cook your regular food until soft and puree is with blender, mixer or what ever you have on hand. Do NOT season the food. IF you think about it, pioneers didn't have baby food either.

  2. I commented on your post over on BF but I just clicked over from my widget! You can use frozen fruits/ veggies in a pinch if you need to when making your own babyfood. It's usually flash frozen upon picking so it's just as good as fresh and sinc eyou're just going to steam/ puree anyways you wouldn't be worried about texture. You can probably get organic cheaper this way as well. I've done it on many occasions when the fresh just wasn't in the budget for the week- we fed twins on a strictly homemade diet and it never broke the budget. Eventually some things, like applesauce ended up being cheaper just to buy the jar or natural organic vs. buying enough apples to make that much sauce. I like your site! I just spent 2+ hours clipping and printing my coupons- it's addictive! I'll be checking back, keep us posted on your babyfood making endeavors!

  3. Don't feel guilty! I would love to feed my family all organics and 100% grass fed beef too. However, we just do NOT have the money to do that. I do the best I can with the funds I have to work with.

    IMO, that is doing the very best thing for my family:)


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