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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Feels So Good To Be on the Same Page

Yesterday was such a beautiful day outside, the girls and I spent a lot of time outdoors. When Brian got home he decided to wash both our vehicles. So while we were talking he tells me that he has the number to a guy that is developing a subdivision that we are really interested in moving to. Don't get me wrong I love my house and it would be the perfect house, IF it had a basement.

I want to be able to have alittle room to put a treadmill or our computer desk. Poor Tinleigh has to share her bedroom with our desktop computer. It's a good thing she doesn't really care. :) I said before that I would like to have to money saved up for a NICE down payment within two years, but unless God is going to bless us with a good amount on money then I don't see it happening. We have to be out of here with in 5 years, that's when the interest rate on our loan modification goes back to 11%. Yes I know that we can refinance, but this will keep us on our toes.

So, Brian and I were discussing things last night about lowering certain bills and canceling others. I would love to cancel out Directv, I got the bill yesterday and it has went up to $85 a month. Crazy!! I got on the internet and the package we have they don't offer anymore, so we are going to cancel our DVR and the receiver that is in our bedroom. This will save us about $20 a month until our contract is up. (Which is for another 6 months) If we were willing to terminate the contract we would have to pay over $500. I am happy that he is willing to cancel then because I have mentioned other times I didn't want the bill anymore and he says "You can cancel anything else just not my TV!" He's making baby steps!!!! :)

I am going to investigate today to see if I can get out cell phone bill down with out making us go over in minutes. I can't believe how much things cost now-adays. Wow now I sound like my Grandma. Hopefully in the next couple of days we will get our new debits cards from our new checking account. I am still so excited about this move. I feel like we will be saving more money because now I will have a debit card also. Before I couldn't get cash out to go to grocery shopping because it was a hassle. Now I can get cash and try the cash system. I also want to start going to Aldi's. Now that the weather is improving I will be able to go grocery shopping without Brian and save even more money. He's a convenience food guy!!

I will be updating regularly about our savings and how we plan to build a house for as little as possible. All money from my surveys will be deposited into our house account so check back often to see how we do. Please I need to accountability!!!!!

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