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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Looking for a Fresh Start...

Thursday is a new month and you know what that means, a fresh start! We need it. Brian will get paid three times in April, that's a plus. I hope to be able to save most of the third check. Here are some things we are doing this month to be more accountable for our money.

1. April is the first month we will be using cash for our grocery budget. I will have $100.00 a week to do the shopping. You probably think this is really high for a family of four. This includes food, diapers, dog food (not including Yoda's) and salt for our water softener. We will re-evaluate this amount at the end of the month to see if we can lower it for May.

2. Call Directv and cancel the DVR and the satellite box in our bedroom. We will not be able to cancel the whole thing due to the contract. If we can just drop the extras we will save $20.00. Not a lot but $20 is $20.

3. Call on our car insurance and see if they will give us a new estimate. We really don't want to switch companies but if we have to we will. We have an estimate right now that would save us almost $40.00 a month.

4. Only go out to eat once a week or less. This one will be hard, I know we can do it. I just need to enforce it.

I will be updating on the grocery budget weekly. On April 1st I will withdraw the money and once it is gone it's gone!!! Check back to see how I am doing, I need the accountability!!!

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