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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tinleigh Update

Finally I get some time to myself!!!! :) We took Tinleigh back to Riley last Tuesday for a check up. When the Dr walked in the room I lost it, crying like a baby. See Tinleigh hadn't been eating or sleeping and was crying uncontrollably for about 3 or 4 days. This is how she acted before we put her on the Neocate. So her Dr the sweetheart that she is started asking questions. "Do you think is has an ear infection?" I sat there and thought about it. "I don't know."

She checked her ears and sure enough she did. Which just kinda shocked me because she ran a low grade temp but we all did with the terrible cold that we had. She never once played with her ears. Our 2 year old Ainsleigh had an ear infection when she was 6 months old but I could figure it out because she was never fussy and all the sudden "SCREAMING BABY!"

Luckily I got her into her regular Dr the next day and got her some antibiotics. Tinleigh is to have an Upper GI scheduled but I am thinking about calling Riley back to see if they still want her to go through with it because she is acting fine now. The only reason she was so fussy was from her ears. I will call them today and see what they say. Other than that she is to go back in June for another check up and then we will try her on whole milk to see if there is a reaction. She did say I could try to give her Rice cereal again to see if she has out grown that tolerance. I'm just scared!!

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  1. Lean on your faith , give your fears to your God. Something my grandmother told me when I was pregnant with my oldest. I wrote it down and posted it every where to remind me when my fears came hard and fast.


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