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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

When It Rains, It Pours

As if being in the ER the night before and still dealing with a very fussy baby wasn't enough. My little guy Yoda is very sick! Ever since he hurt his back he's not been right. He has gone down hill rapidly. Brian had to rush him to the vet when he got home from work yesterday, he looked like death. This is him pictured above, of course he doesn't look like this now, he's just skin and bones. He weighed 11lbs and the vet told us he was overweight, so we let him drop a few and he just kept losing. He started acting like he couldn't get enough to drink and then stopped eating.
He now weighs 6 1/2lbs! I am not for sure what all the details are, I feel Brian isn't telling me everything just to save me from more heartache right now. We did find out he is a diabetic and his sugar was through the roof!! They kept him over night and I'm sure he will be there for awhile. I am going to call and check on him around 10:00 this morning. I just hope he made it through the night!!!!

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  1. my prayers are for you and yours.We just lost Tashy,she's had health issues for yrs but finally got to the point she couldn't use her back legs at all and had sever infections constantly...I still weep. Cookie has seizures and Sam has had his back broke( he was a stray). As my kids put it and my dad also did...these pets are really just our furrie children.


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