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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Will it Ever Get Easier?

(This is not an updates photo)
Yoda has been home for 2 nights now, it's a big adjustment. He has never been on the strict schedule since we got him as a puppy 7 years ago. He seems to be doing well. When I went to pick him up Friday I really got to see how much he is gonna cost us each month. All I can say is that I am worried. OK, I'm terrified!!
His insulin is $51.00 a bottle that will last about 40 days. The needles are $21.00, those will last for a month. Prescription food $23.00 every two weeks, so that's $46.00 a month. Then he will be going to the vet every two weeks till we get him on the correct dosage of insulin. That will cost around $40.00 or more a visit. All the added up is at least $198.00 a month!!! All this is consuming my thoughts several times a day.
Back at the end of last year I thought we were in a really good place. We were going to be able to put about $500.00 into savings a month. Then we were hit with Tinleigh's allergies. Between her formula and food she is costing us $400.00 a month. Somethings got to give! I look forward to April for a fresh start. We will be using cash for groceries, this will also include dog food (not Yoda's) baby food, diapers, wipes and salt for our water softener. I will be budgeting $100.00 a week. I need to be accountable. I am terrible at taking photos, especially when Brian goes shopping with us. This needs to change! I will be taking one day out of the week to do all the shopping. I would like to start going to Aldi's but I might not branch till May.
Here's to a more positive attitude and hoping that will can make it by!! Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend. :)

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  1. my daughters use cheap white( no colors) paper towels cut in half and water for wipes.


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