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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yoda Update

I spent the whole day crying yesterday. I called the vet's office around 9am and they told me that he hadn't made any improvement. I just broke down and sobbed. I felt so guilty that I have focused all my time and energy on the girls that I had neglected him. I asked if I could call back before they closed to get another update. Around 5pm I called back and was told that he had been having seizures. Once again I broke down.

My mind wondered all afternoon. How much will all this cost? Will he even pull through? What will his quality of live be? How much will the insulin cost? Here we are trying to get by, how will we make it all work?

Lastnight I didn't sleep well at all, I had several dreams about him. Some good, some bad. Everytime I ended up crying. This morning at the time was approaching to call and get and update my stomach was churning. I was so nervous, hoping he made it through the night. When I got the courage to call they had me hold to speak with the vet. I thought this can't be good. He got on the phone and told me that his sugar had come down to 230, he hasn't had anymore seizures, he eat breakfast this morning and they started him back one water and was improving. They are going to check his sugar again at 2 this afternoon. If he continues to improve he will be able to come home tomorrow evening.

I'm so thankful that he is improving!! I know he has a ways to go, but I can't wait till we can bring him home. Ainsleigh keeps asking where he is. One of our Danes is very restless, she won't just lay down and get comfortable. I know she misses him also, they have been together from the beginning. I pray will I call back this evening that he is still improving. Boy do I miss that lil guy!!!!

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  1. my prayers are with you. you will have to make sure no one gives him people food or treats. My friend even had to buy special dog food and then guard it so the other dogs wouldn't eat it.


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