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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Who Would have Thought.....

So my little Miss Tinleigh is teething, she has one tooth almost through and another one coming in. I thought I would try the teething tablets that everyone raves about. I never used them with Ainsleigh. Anyway, we start using them and they worked she wasn't fussy at all. Then after taking them for a 4-5 days she became fussy again. The non-stop crying, can't do anything to console her.

My first thought was she had another ear infection. My second thought was "She's having a reaction!" I hadn't given her anything new besides these teething tablets so I knew there had to be something in them. Sure enough I look at the ingredients and they are coated in lactose. Who would have thought?

Here we are approaching her first birthday in June, she isn't going to out grow this allergy by them. :( I am searching the internet for recipes to alter what we are eating to accommodate her. I have already found a dairy free, soy free butter, ice cream and yogurt. Once I have a larger list I am going to have to make a trip to Whole Foods. We don't have any stores around here that carries anything like this.

If you have any recipes that are dairy free, soy free, and rice free please send them to me. She can have foods with rice flour, if it doesn't call for a lot. My email is LovePeaceandSaving @ gmail (dot) com. Thank you

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  1. my parents and I have used olive oil instead of butter like they do in Italy.I made our bread so there was no milk in it.I made sorbet with fruit juice( more like a frozen slushie) instead of ice cream.

    I could do better passing you recipes if you let me know exactly what you are looking for.

    email me at chefjulsowings@gmail(DOT) com

    between my home recipes and work( I am a personal chef) recipes I should be able to give you the ones you are looking for


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