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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Join Me, Please......

June is going to be an expensive month for us. With Ainsleigh and Tinleigh both having birthdays, it can kinda add up pretty quickly. We will be having a big birthday party for both of them since their birthday's are 2 days apart. That can get pretty expensive in it's self.

With all this being said we are going to try and pull off a no-spend month. While we will still be spending money we have a lot of things we need to save for right now. We need to get out grocery budget under control. I will doing good when I was going while he was at work. Then for about the last month or I have been going on his days off and it's killing us. My goal is to start going when he is working again.

We will be spending money on necessities. We will not being spending money on clothes or useless items. I have money set aside for the girl's birthday present. I will also be getting there pictures taken for their birthdays but will be getting only what is needed and I think I can get out with only paying $50.00 or less. I know you frugal people would just do it yourself, but I do not have any photographic skills as you can tell when I do post pictures.

Please join me and have a No Spend Month in June also. I will be posting what we are spending out money on. I not be including bills in the challenge because of course those have to be paid :)

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  1. Hubby I was just talking about cutting the budget for the next couple of months. We are moving from Texas to Minnesota and need to build up some cash for the move. Will watch to see how you are doing.


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