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Friday, May 21, 2010

What Is Up With This Weather?

The weather must be having a hard time making up it's mind. We have days in the 70's then we dip into the 50's and now we are going to be in the 90's. :( I do love warm weather don't get me wrong. My goal was to not turn the air on until June. Looks like I will be turning it on this weekend.

On my quest to save money I will have the windows open until the thermostat reaches 77. When the temperature is only going to be 80-81 I usually leave the windows open. It's not worth leaving the windows open when you know the high is going to be 91. The thermostat is usually set at 77 in the summer and then we run the ceiling fans.

With highs in the 90's that means bathing suit season is approaching quickly. :( I need to get a bathing suit that fits. I am not looking forward to trying on suits. I need a full wet suit like you wear when you scuba dive. :) Where can I find one of those?

I have a been eating really well, lots of fruits and veggies. I'm trying to drink 100oz of water a day. But I feel like I am not loosing any weight. I need to start walking again. Then eventually move into running. My plan is to start getting up at 5am and walking before Hubby has to leave for work. Then after dinner and play time with the girls outside going for another walk with the dogs. That's my plan anyway, it always looks good on paper. :)

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