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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Disney Update

I have been back in forth about if we should go on vacation or not. My biggest fear is Tinleigh having a reaction or just not being happy because we are away from home. So after talking it over with Brian we have come up with the idea of driving to Atlanta which is an 8 hour drive, staying the night with his Aunt and going to the Aquarium the next day. After the Aquarium leaving and driving the 6 hour drive to Disney. I am fine with this, it brakes the trip up. So after we discuss this I check my email and received a pin code from Disney. It's for a room discount. Our stay would only be $220. You really can't beat that.

We have a have sat down and figured up that we will need $1700 for this trip. This includes gas, Aquarium admission, hotel, Disney admission, Sea World admission, food and gifts. We only have $637 saved right now. We need to save $1063 in a couple months. Plus I have to book the hotel by July 10th in order to get this discount.

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