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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Drama, Drama

Last week I talked about our vacation plans. We have for sure decided that we are cancelling our trip to Gulf Shores. We just don't want to wait till last minute and no be able to go. We did talk this past weekend about trying to go to Myrtle Beach in September. With so many people going on a vacation there is no pleasing everyone. One couple doesn't want a beach vacation, some people can't move it up. I totally understand being frustrated but it's a natural disaster, we can't help that there is an oil leak they for some reason no one can fix right now.

With one couple already backing out and another possible couple not going because they might not be able to move their vacation time up, we are most likely going to Disney. :) :) I am excited, I really hope we can go. Ainsleigh has being asking what I am looking at one the computer. I told her we might be going to see Mickey and she started jumping up and down. Either way if we go to Myrtle Beach or Disney we have 15 weeks to save up for it. I have had some money I was saving, not for any particular reason. Just loose change and left over cash. So far out total is $310.25. I will be updating each time I add money to our vacation fund. I sure hope we can come up with all the money is 15 weeks.

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