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Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Sweet Little Ainsleigh

She did awesome at the eye Dr yesterday. I was so proud of her! The Dr said that her eye is functioning normally and looks fine. But, she never went into detail about why her eye is not opening all the way. She goes back for a follow up Monday.

I can not tell you how worried I am about her. I have all these visions running through my head. Does she have a UTI? (the antibiotic she is on will fix that) Does she have some sort of cancer? This one haunts me. It gives me chills. It's any parents worst nightmare.

As of last night she spiked another fever. I am going to go check on her this morning again and get her up. If she spikes another one I am calling the on call Dr. I pray that I am over reacting. Please God, Make me be wrong!!!!!

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