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Saturday, June 5, 2010

No Spend Update

Today is June 5th. This day 6 years ago I married my best friend. Happy Anniversary Hubby!!! Just because it's our anniversary doesn't mean we go hog wild. We never have. We might get take out tonight but we are already cutting it close till Hubby get paid next Friday.

June 2nd: stayed home no money spent

June 3rd: Hubby took the car to Walmart to get his flat tire fixed and to pick up a few groceries we needed there. He didn't get the tire fixed because they turned him away! He did spend 26.88 and got everything on my list. :)

June 4th: Yesterday we were suppose to have Hubby's cousin and fiance over from dinner. I also needed to go to Kroger to get my fruits and veggies and a few other things since Tinleigh will no longer eat baby food. I asked my Mother-in-Law if I could borrow her car so I could get the rest of the stuff for dinner. Needless to say his cousin had to cancel at the last minute. :( I spent 30.28 a Kroger.

Total for groceries so far is: 57.16

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