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Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Lil' Tin

My lil' Tinleigh is a work of art, she really broke the mold. I don't mean that in a bad way, I'm just saying she is way DIFFERENT than Ainsleigh. Ainsleigh never got into anything, never tried to climb on objects, and certainly never put foriegn objects in her mouth. Ainsleigh was so easy. Well, until she hit two years old but that's another story.

Here are my girls lovin' each other. Notice the clippy in Tinleigh's hair? Let me give you a closer look.

That's better. This is what I used to keep Tinleigh's bangs out of her face. I did the same thing with Ainsleigh when she was this age. Well Friday night we were on our way home from getting dinner and Tinleigh started choking in her carseat. Brian was driving I turned around to see what was going on and she couldn't breathe. I stuck me fingers in her mouth and felt the clip that was suppose to be in her hair. It was in her throat. Brian pulled over I jumped out and got her out of her seat. Her mouth being so small I couldn't grasp the clip with two fingers.
She finally could swallow it and was breathing again. I told Brian we had to be her to the hospital. He looked at me like and said there is nothing they can do now. I didn't listen to him, I was so worried. Being that the clip was metal and it was the larger than the one in the picture. (I only had one clip that size and it was the one she swallowed.) We turned around and went to the emergency room. They took her to a room right away to check her and sent her to have x-rays. After the x-rays we were waiting in the room for the Doctor to look at them she starts having an allergic reaction. Imagine that!
The Doctor comes in to say that the clip did make to her stomach and gave her medicine for the reaction. Told us to come back tomorrow morning to have another x-ray done to see if it was moving and was going to send us on our way. I know that kids swallow stuff all the time but I was still worried. The nurse came in to give us our discharge paperwork. Keep in mind there was a shift change in between all this and this nurse really had no clue as to what was going on. She said I was to bring Tinleigh back on Monday for a repeat x-ray, I questioned this since the Doctor had said to come in Saturday, the very next day. The nurse leaves to get some answers to clear up the confusion. She comes back with another Doctor and tells us we aren't going home.
This Doctor was to contact Riley Children's Hospital and have them look at the x-ray to get a second opinion. He was concerned about the size of the hair clip and the size of Tinleigh. I was so thankful that I wasn't overreacting. Riley calls back and tell us we need to get her there as soon as possible because they want to remove it. My mind starts racing. So we get discharged from our local hospital and have to go home to drop Ainsleigh off and have Brian's Mom stay with her. Then off we go and hour and a half away at midnight.
We get to Riley Children's Hospital around 1:30am and head to their emergency room. She has more x-rays and is seen by to different residence. They don't want to take it out. What! Are you kidding me? We drove all the way here for you to say we just want to wait it out. I was so upset. Don't get me wrong I didn't to have to put Tinleigh under but I had tried to prepare myself for this to take place and we rushed over for nothing. I didn't see why we had to drive over an hour away for the same thing our local hospital was going to do.
They admitted her to a room and we waited till 8am to have another x-ray. The hair clip had moved but not by much. Tinleigh had been so unbearable because they wouldn't let her eat and she was starving. My heart broke seeing her like this. Finally around 9am she was sent back to x-ray to drink some contrast to see exactly where that clip was. It is had went to far then they wouldn't be able to scope it. She tolerated to the process well, you could say. But after looking at the pictures it was to far down in her small bowel to reach it.
The head GI came in to talk to us and said he felt that she was going to pass the hair clip because it had already made it through the two worst places that it could do the most damage. He answered all of our questions, said Tinleigh could eat and if she tolerated it then she could be released. She was so happy to see food, she ate a banana, green beans , applesauce and 4 oz of formula. We waited thirty minutes to see how she did and all went well. They discharged us and off we went back home. Brian and I had been up for more than 36 hours. By the time we got home we crashed. (In bed, not our car)
Saturday evening I changed Tinleigh's diaper and got a huge surprise. The hair clip! We were so thankful that it passed so quickly. Tinleigh is in much better spirits and will no longer have any type of hair clip in her hair until she is in high school. I would have never thought she would have done this.

So now that we have moved passed the hair clip drama she has moved onto climbing on the things. I will not be surprised if she has a broken bone before she is two. Tinleigh is by far my wild child. Although is she crazy and wild, has a terrible temper and is allergic to everything I wouldn't change her for the world.

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