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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Our First Step to a Better Future

Today's the day, August 1st. I have said a lot lately that we need to save money, we need to make some extra money, and well, the list keeps going...... Anyway, you can't change everything in a day, you need to start out small. The first step we are taking this month is our grocery budget. I have such a hard time making it work. It's not that it's to small, it's that I am LAZY!!! I admit, I go buy groceries make some meals for a couple days then look at my food supply and this is where the lazy part comes in, I don't want to come up with anything so I go back to the store. This is a for sure a very bad habit.

So, starting tomorrow I August's grocery budget will be $400. Yes, I know some of you are probably gasping for breath thinking $400 for a family of 4. But, I will be trying to lower it the next month. The grocery budget will include food, diapers, household products, and dog food. (I'm thinking this will not include Yoda's food, it costs $24 every 12 days. That would eat up about $62 of my budget.) I also set $400 as the budget because I am not sure as to what Tinleigh's diet will consist of yet. I will be posting my grocery shopping and hope to post what we are eating in terms of meals. Check back to see how we are doing and to see what other steps we are taking to make a better future.


  1. Good luck! Our budget for 4 is $300-$350/ month- it's totally doable. My tips: #1- buy meat that is on sale and stock up- then make your meal plans from what you have in the freezer so you aren't spending full price to make your meals. #2- make a meal plan! I usually plan 8 meals for every two weeks and we usually end up with plenty of leftovers so we never even make all 8 meals- no need to plan 14 different things. #3- shop for produce throughout the week so nothing goes bad. Nothing better to break a budget than buying something twice because you didn't use it in time.

  2. Thank you for the advice. Now I just need to use it!!!! Thank you for stopping by. :)


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