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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Allergy Friendly? Yes, Please!

If you have food allergies in your family Enjoy Life is a must have brand. I had the opportunity to try these foods out with my family and we were not disappointed. Enjoy Life is a company known for allergy friendly foods, their food are made without the EIGHT major allergens.

We are a family big on cereal. I could live off cereal and it seem like Ainsleigh could too. The Cinnamon Crunch Granola is delicious! A great pick-me-up in the morning. Also it tastes great in plain yogurt, with their smaller clusters. Crunchy Flax cereal is also another great breakfast option. It's naturally sweetened with fruit juice and honey. A way better alternative to the sugary cereals that you have probably been eating. (I admit, I eat them too!)

When I saw the Sunbutter Crunch snack bars I didn't know how they would taste. I have never had sun butter before, but thinking this would be a great option for Tinleigh since one of her allergies is peanuts. It took me the second bar to really get the taste for it. The rest of my family took to them well also. I think when you are used to peanut butter it just takes a few times to really get the feel for something different.

I was super excited about trying the cookies and trail mix. Cookies and trail mix don't last long in this household. No Nuts Mountain Mambo, try saying that ten times fast, is a great allergy friendly, healthy snack. This was gone in one sitting. Brian opened them and the first thing he said, "Did you know there is chocolate in these?" Enjoy Foods make their chocolate chips with dairy free coca butter. :) I am hoping that my Kroger here will get this trail mix in soon, I want to take some to Ainsleigh's preschool for snack because she has a classmate with a peanut allergy.

Chewy Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate Brownie, and "No Oats" Oatmeal were the cookies that we got to try. They were all delicious, Tinleigh was in heaven getting to try them. Once again you can't try them thinking they are going to taste like what you are used to. They are very similar and still taste great. My Kroger does have some of the cookies and we are going to get a box or two to take with us to Disney, that way when we enjoy a treat she will be able to enjoy a special treat as well.

Over all I am extremely pleased with this company. They go above and beyond to make a healthy alternative, allergy friendly food. I am thankful I was able to get this opportunity to try a few of their foods. If you or someone in your family suffers from food allergies check out their website.  You will find all their foods, money saving coupons, information on their new cook book and much more.

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