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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Do You Ever Get That Look?

 As more and more people are finding out about Tinleigh's big scare, the looks just get better and better.  You know, they see you and come up to ya asking what happened. Then you go on to tell the story and you just see their facial expression change. The look of, "Weren't you watching her?". Then when they see her and notice that her hair is in a pony tail they say, "She can swallow that also!" Yes, I know this but it is much more difficult for her to get a hair band out of her hair.

Then today I was waiting in line at Walmart's deli counter. The lady behind the counter says "I can help the next person in line." So I go up to tell her what I wanted and the customer beside me gives me a dirty look and  yells "Excuse me, this woman over here was here first!" Really? Come on crazy lady!!!! Luckily the customer on the other side of her said that I was in deed there before her. I just bit my tongue and smiled but for goodness sakes people, enough with the dirty looks!!!! Ok, I'm done venting. Have a good weekend.

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