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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Is It Sad.......

that I already want to start packing the suite cases for Disney? I'm not gonna lie, I have really thought about it. This week I have been on a misson trying to find some foods that I can take with us for Tinleigh. Boy, let me tell you, someone sent me some goodies to try and I think they will work out really well. More on that next week.

My list is getting longer and longer. I think I add something to it everyday. This week we have also went back in forth on if we wanted to extend out trip. But, after a lot of thinking and planning we have decided to keep with the plans that we have and next year we can stay longer. Right now we are staying 5 nights, doing 2 days at Seaworld and two days at Disney.

We are leaving exactly two weeks from today. Tomorrow Ainsleigh and I are going to make a little count down craft so she can kind of understand a little better about when we are leaving. Right now she says "we are leaving in two weeks." I don't think she really gets how long two weeks is though. :)

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  1. How exciting. Our trip starts in 4 weeks from today (we are leaving 2 days before to take our time driving-its a 15 hour drive). I started last Friday on my index card list and plan on starting to pack also in a few weeks. Have fun packing and c an't wait to read all your post about preparing for you trip!


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