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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Making a List

 Our Disney vacation quickly approaching........ in like 27 days.......but who's counting. I have been starting my list of things we need to take with us. This will be the first time we have traveled more than 4 hours away since Ainsleigh was born. The last time we went to Disney I was actually pregnant with her.  I, myself get giddy thinking about going.  I can't wait to see the look on both the girls faces when they see Mickey.

Hopefully Tinleigh will be off her evening bottle by then, it will be nice not to have to bring her infant formula, water and bottles. She is down to taking 3oz before bed so I think I could probably stop giving them to her and see how she handles it.

We will be taking our pak n play for Tinleigh to sleep in, lets hope she will sleep in it. Also a few security items and toys. Tomorrow we are making a trip to Whole Foods to find some more snack foods for her that don't have to be put in a cooler. When you travel with your kids what is a must that you bring? I just want to make sure there is something I don't forget.


  1. for us the only MUST is their blankies! They won't sleep without them!

  2. This is a must for us also. We don't ever leave the house without them! Thanks for the comment!! :)

  3. Most, if not all, hotels have cribs that you can borrow for free. May not even need to bring the pack n play. I must bring an epi-pen and inhaler...and a blankie too:)

  4. Have fun, have a safe trip, and enjoy yourself.


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