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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Better Way To Budget

I admit, I am a failure when it comes to a budget. I would be the perfect person to take Dave Ramsey's class. I guess admitting to your faults is the first step to changing. At least I hope so. I set out on my blogging journey almost a year ago trying to better our situation. Being a better steward with our money. We have had our ups and downs, everyone has.

While this blog is titled " Love Peace and Saving", I need to be doing more saving! If we ever want to move we need to save up more money. If we want to pay cash for Christmas, we need to save money. If we just want to better ourselves, we just need to save more money.

As I said at the beginning I have failed with sticking to a budget. But I am looking to you, my readers for advice on how you budget. Do you use cash for everything? Do you put money into savings before you do anything else? I hope to get back on the savings road once we get back from Disney.


  1. You can find David Ramsey Perfect Money Make Over in book form and that is a good start. You can find used at amazon, ebay or borrow at the library which is even better. You can always buy a copy later.
    We put our budget down on paper and list all our bills and money needs. We set aside money every month for items that are paid every 6 months or 3 months. We no longer use credit cards they are gone. If we do not have the money we do not do the items. I like cash for my grocery and gas budget. Harder to hand out the cash then to use the debit card. Good luck and visit my site, I just did a post on the same problem recently.

  2. I have started getting organized in this area too.
    I have found that shopping is a major variable for us as and I have gone through my cupboards and freezer and started a meal plan. I keep a list in my iPhone that I can edit so I know what ihave in the cupboard.


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