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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Don't Foregt To Check Your Receipts

Yesterday I went to the store to do this week's grocery shopping. I had searched the sale flyer and went on my way. Being careful to keep a running tally as I had only brought $60 with me. Once I had finished shopping I got in line to check out. When it was my turn the cashier begins scanning all my purchases. The person behind me didn't put one of those plastic "This is the end of a transaction" thingy before her groceries. (I don't know the proper name. Sorry!) So needless to say the cashier started scanning some of her products on my tab. I caught her very quickly she had only scanned two items that were not mine. Once she noticed she re-scanned them to take them off my total.  My total was $59.62. I thought it was a little high but paid it anyway. Once I got to the car I looked over my receipt and noticed those two item had not be taken off. So I went back into the store to customer service to explain what had happened. In the end I got back almost $13 dollars. That was a VERY costly mistake. Please check your receipts.

What the highest amount you caught on a mistake?

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