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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Down To The Wire

We leave tonight!!!! I am excited but here it is 7am and I still need to pack. As if it wasn't enough that Tinleigh is teething, I had to take her to the doctor yesterday because I suspected she had an ear infection. Sure enough she does. I am just thankful that I got her in. I was up at 2am with Tinleigh and finally got her back to bed around 3am only to have Ainsleigh get me up at 330am tell me her mouth hurt. She had a stomach sore in her mouth acouple weeks ago so I gave her a drink and went back to my room. I get all snuggled under that covers and I hear moaning. I go back into her room and she starts crying telling me her mouth hurts. About 10 seconds later she throws up in my hands. :( Needless to say I have been up with her and haven't got to go back to bed.  She is acting fine now, has eaten some crackers and drank some water.
Please pray that it was something that just didn't agree with her and that no one else gets it. My mom and sister are coming over this afternoon to help with the girls so I can get stuff packed and loaded. We are super excited.  Has this ever happened to you when you are about ready to leave for vacation?


  1. We've never left with anyone sick, but we are such last minute packers. The last time we went on a trip, I had most of it done ahead time and we only left a littlle off schedule. I plan on doing most of the packing for our trip this week. The nice thing is we are leaving late we most of the day to pack.

    The last time we went to Florida our daughter eithr had a bad flare up of allergies or pink eye. We called our ped. and she just called us in a script in case it was pink eye. That changed our plans of heading to the parks for the day, but we found other fun things to do. Have a blast on our trip!

  2. I'm a last minute packer too! The worst was when our youngest was 11 months old and we were going on a mission trip to Uganda, Africa. She was still nursing so she was going too. She seemed a little snotty for a couple days but not too bad then the day before she seemed like maybe she was getting feverish and just seemed realy sick. By the time I called the pediatrician they were closed for the day. We had so much to do that I had to wait until the next morning. My husband and I were up half the night but I was on the phone to the ped office first thing. No, they couldn't fit us in. I was so mad. So my hubby took her to an immediate care and the doctor went off about how sick she was and shouldn't be going out of the country. Ha, we filled her prescription (trying to make sure it didn't need to be refrigerated!) and left. I think she had an ear infection and was overall pretty yucky feeling. We tried to not let anyone get too close on the way there and kept up with the antibiotic. She perked up on the second day there and was great for the rest of the trip. :)

    I pray everyone is well now and you have a great trip!!


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