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Friday, September 24, 2010

Our Goals

I have many goals and a lot are unreachable at this point in my life. A goal you have to work hard to reach and have the determination to get there.  If you are familiar with Money Saving Mom you might remember that that had a goal to pay cash for a house. Well, they reached that goal and while that make a lot more money that my family we can only have a goal amount for a down payment on a bigger house.

One of our goals is to be moved into a bigger house within the next 4 years. So we need a nice down payment. We don't want anything huge we just want to be able to have a basement and some extra storage. Another goal is to reach a good grocery budget. Since we haven't had any luck on anyone taking two of our three dogs we still have a pretty big dog food bill, especially when you take in to account a diabetic dog. So with that said starting October first I will be taking out $100.00 a week for food, household products, regular dog food and super expensive diabetic dog food.

I would like to pay cash for Christmas this year. We have not come up with a budgeted amount yet we are still talking about that. But in the mean time we only have 13 weeks until the big day. Yeah, and  I think my saving account for Christmas only has $5 in it. That's pretty bad. Need to work on that one. We need to really get our Emergency Fund back up also. With people still losing their jobs it's a scary situation. Plus with Brian's job it is so poorly ran you never know if he's gonna have a job or not.

So there you have it, starting Oct 1st I will be reaching towards these goals. To some of you they might be small but to us they are big. I will be updating at the first of the month to see how far we have come. I hope you will take the time to think about some goals you would like to reach. What are you saving for?

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  1. Came over from MSM. We just found out our 13 yo cat is diabetic. I spent over $400 the first visit alone between food, the visit, insulin. Argh. I feel your pain :-)


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