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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sometimes I Wonder.....

Do people really think before they speak? I was wondering this this weekend when my mother in law asked if Tinleigh could eat some of the macaroni and cheese she was fixing for the other grand kids. I just smiled the whole time she was reading the ingredients. Then I asked her if she was going to put milk and butter in it and add the powdered cheese. :) While I brushed it off, it still does worry me. I get that most people don't read the list of ingredients on packages, I used to do this myself. But come on, MACARONI AND CHEESE! :)

Hubby's birthday was yesterday and his mom has been asking us for sometime if she could watch the girls so we could go out. She has never watched Tinleigh before, Ainsleigh yes, but Tinleigh no. Brian doesn't like to leave them just because he works so much and doesn't really get to see them but on his two days off. My concern is Tinleigh. Tinleigh is a different story, when you have a child with food allergies you worry even more than you would with a child without food allergies. My biggest things are that obviously she will just give her something that she can not have or that some of the other grand kids will be there and will leave their cup of milk or food around that she can't have and she will get into it. Luckily she was just watching Ainsleigh and Tinleigh and I was alittle bit more at ease last night. But  I tell ya, sometimes I wonder......


  1. It's easier once your child is old enough to understand what they can have and what they can't and are willing to OBEY that! :)

    For a babysitter - we have a really hard time with our oldest b/c she's diabetic, everything can change in an instant. Until last year (she got a pump), she had to have shots. You can't just pick anyone to watch your child who will give shots!!

    I would ask your MIL to babysit your oldest or come to your house (no other kids allowed). Then give her a rundown of the strictest rules. Have dinner/snacks already set up.

    I would just say that you'd rather take Tinleigh out with you, it's enough of a break for both of you. Or say you're doing ok as a couple and you like to spend time together as a family. Or ask her over after the kids have gone to bed and you and your husband could go out then. :) Have fun at Disney!

  2. Awesome ideas. Thank you for the comment. I am glad there are other parents out there that share the fear with me. Sometimes people make me feel like I am way over protective.


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